Monday, December 20, 2010

When did "Christmas" become a bad word?


Okay, I'm going to be a rebel right now. I'm going to put it all out there and wish you a Merry Christmas. That's right, I said "Christmas."

When did "Christmas" become a bad word?

I went to my daughter's "winter program" last week at her school. Yeah. Let's not even call it a "holiday program" because that may infer that there's something being celebrated that could be offensive. I had felt a slight glimmer of hope when I looked at the program that was handed out - it had "Do You Hear What I Hear" listed as one of the songs being performed. It appears that that was just a typo though and someone had accidentally added on the "What I Hear" part. Nope, it wasn't the Christmas carol we're all familiar with. Although it was a lovely song about winter. I found it amazing that they were able to find so many songs for the season that didn't have the word "Christmas" in them. Of course, I was shocked when a few of the songs included the word "holiday." Shocked!

When did our country lose its grip on reality?

The vast majority of people in this country do celebrate Christmas. And for those who don't, are they really offended by the holiday? I'm not Jewish, so should I be offended by Hannukah? Why would I try to squash a holiday so steeped in tradition and the celebration of something miraculous? And who am I to try to put limits on another person's religious beliefs? Or lack thereof? I'm not saying that atheists should be forced to participate in Christmas, but they shouldn't be able to keep me from celebrating it.

Let's stop putting a damper on joy. These days, we could use all the joy we can get! And really, what can bring that joy more than celebrating the Miracle of Christmas? Let's claim our holiday back. Merry Christmas to you!


soozenw said...

I don't celebrate holidays, and I'm not offended by them. If someone wishes me a Happy Holiday/Christmas/whatever, I just thank them and go about my day.

People that get offended over others beliefs need to take a step back and see that if they are offended by others, then someone is surely offended by theirs.

Anonymous said...

I say Merry Christmas to every person I meet, so far no one has objected. It has to be a VERY SMALL minority who are driving this "kill Christmas agenda." So Merry Christmas Wendy!

Casey said...

Here here Wendy! Kudos to you!

I agree with Okiewife, I wish everyone I see Merry Christmas and so far, everyone has wished it right back.

kelybreez said...

Actually, pretty often I walk right in and say, "Happy Jesus was Born Day!" (And I say "Merry Christmas" a lot as well.

Helen said...

Last Friday I went to our village's "Sing Along with the Clerk" party. I had to laugh, because the songs in the booklet were all secular, but every couple of songs the leader would say 'It's not in the book, but you all know __________"! We sang Silent Night, Oh Little Town of Bethlehem, O Come All Ye Faithful.... I just had to wonder why we could sing it but not print it out. I didn't dare ask though, and risk that next year we'd be singing all secular songs because I "complained".

Merry Christmas.

Tiffiny Felix said...

I love the cartoon. This post reminded me of a post on Cake Wrecks:

Merry Late-Christmas :)